PIO Contact: Lt. Dave Edwards 801-298-6010 – edwards@bountifulutah.gov                       

Press Release –Body Cam Video Release - Mueller Park JHS Shooting 12-1-16  

Date: 12-15-16

Body camera video obtained from the Bountiful Police Officer who entered Mueller Park Jr. High School and arrested a juvenile shooting suspect on 12-01-16, has been released to the public.  A link to the video is available on Bountiful Police Department’s website at bountifulcitypd.com.

This video clip details the Officer’s professionalism in dealing with a critical incident in the school and ensuring the safety of the students, faculty, and staff.  The effectiveness of lockdown procedures implemented by school personnel and students is also clearly depicted as the responding officers encounter empty, silent hallways, and locked classrooms upon entering the school.

Brief portions of audio have been redacted to protect the identity of the juvenile arrested in this incident.

This case remains under investigation.


PIO Contact: Lt. Dave Edwards 801-298-6010 – edwards@bountifulutah.gov                       

Press Release – Bountiful, Utah -   Firearm Discharged by Student in Mueller Park Jr. High School

Date: 12-01-16

At approximately 08:13 a.m. on 12-01-16 a 911 caller reported a student with a gun in Mueller Park Jr. High School in Bountiful.  As officers were responding to the school the caller reported that a shot had been fired inside the school and a suspect had been detained by a parent.  A patrol officer in the area arrived at the school 41 seconds after the call was broadcast and immediately entered the school, took the student into custody, and recovered two firearms (a 12ga. shotgun and a 9mm pistol).  

Investigators have learned the student entered a classroom occupied by 26 students and a teacher, and fired one round from a shotgun into the ceiling.  The suspect is not believed to have pointed the weapon at anyone in the classroom.  The suspect briefly pointed the weapon at himself prior to being disarmed and detained by his parents.  The parents of the 15 year old male suspect observed odd behaviors as their son was leaving for school.  Upon checking the home, they discovered there were firearms missing and immediately went to the school to speak to their son.  As the parents were in the hallway looking for their son, they heard a gunshot and ran to a classroom where they encountered their son and disarmed him, then physically detained him.  There were no injuries to any students, faculty, or the suspect.

The juvenile suspect was booked into Farmington Bay Juvenile Detention Center on multiple charges stemming from this incident.

Bountiful Police Officers assisted by local, State, and Federal law enforcement agencies conducted a thorough search of the school and did not locate any additional suspects or weapons.  This case remains under investigation to determine the motive and intent of the suspect.