Our Evidence Custodian maintains the Property Room.  Officers collect property items for various purposes.  The primary purpose for which we collect property is evidence of a crime, such as illegal substances and/or property to be processed for fingerprints.  We also receive found property, property that must be held for safe keeping, and recovered stolen property. Officers submit items to evidence where it is stored until the case is adjudicated, or the conditions of found property and safekeeping are satisfied.

Important Information:

  • Found property is held for 90 days, then disposed of unless the person that turned it in contacts the department to take possession of it.
  • If an officer takes possession of property for safekeeping, the owner must contact the Evidence Custodian within 30 days to obtain the item(s).
  • If the Bountiful City Police take possession of a firearm for any purpose, the owner of the firearm must prove ownership of the firearm and undergo a background check through the Bureau of Criminal Identification before the firearm can be released.
  • When items have been cleared for disposal, they are either sent to auction or destroyed depending on their value.
  • Bicycles are booked into the bicycle impound.  Most of the bicycles have been turned in or collected as found property.  If your bicycle is missing, call to find out if it is the impound.  The bicycles are all sent to the Davis County Children’s Justice Center in Farmington for an annual auction in the spring if no one claims them.

If you need to pick up property or evidence, call 801-298-6023 and make an appointment.  Arrangements can be made to pick up property after hours or on weekends with prior notification.

The Evidence Custodian’s hours are Tuesday through Friday 7:30 am until 3:30 pm.