The Problem Oriented Policing Unit (POP Unit) of the Bountiful Police Department is a specialized unit which deals with a wide range of community problems and crime prevention. The detectives in the POP Unit have developed an understanding of community problems and work to develop solutions to them.

Due to the flexibility of the POP Unit, detectives assigned are able to address the issues or concerns occurring within the community. Their primary duties are:

  • Monitor Sex Offenders residing in Bountiful
  • Oversee the Crime Free Housing program
  • Drug  investigation; i.e. manufacturing, distribution, possession and use
  • Identify and document Gang members and activity
  • Graffiti
  • Prostitution
  • Warrants

The POP Unit also assists patrol and detectives with traditional police services.  They maintain a working relationship with other City, County, and State Agencies.  The POP Unit is always looking for community partners to help combat crime.  We are fully aware our citizens are our greatest source of information,  we always do everything we can to maintain the confidentiality of information between citizens and the police. If you have information you would like to give the POP Unit, you are encouraged to contact them at 801-298-6152.