The Bountiful City Police Department recommends the installation and use of alarm systems for residents and businesses. It should be noted that permits are not required for residential alarm installations.

How to Avoid False Burglar Alarms

Have a state certified and competent professional install your system.

Test the battery back-up on a semi-annual basis.

Have the system provider regularly check and maintain the alarm system.

Carefully review the operating procedures and have the alarm provider explain any information that is unclear.

Keep all doors, windows, and other openings locked whenever possible. This will ensure that you are safe and that wind or pets do not accidentally trigger an alarm.

Keep any objects such as coats, curtains, etc. away from the doorways and windows so they do not prevent the door or window from fully closing.

Teach the alarm instructions to anyone who uses the alarm and give them the password in case a mistake occurs. Note, please do not write your access code or password down where a person can easily retrieve them.

Ensure that the sensitivity level is set high enough that it cannot accidentally go off when there is inclement weather.

Test the system periodically. Do not test the system without first alerting the alarm company.

Have a reliable neighbor or relative watch over your house and be the contact for the system provider or police when you are out of town.