The Bountiful City Police Department provides free fingerprinting services for those living in Bountiful City, or those employed by a business in Bountiful City.

We provide fingerprinting services;

Tuesday & Thursday

3pm to 5pm

Free of Charge

For residents, a driver license or utility bill is required as proof of residency.

For those employed by a business in Bountiful, a letter from the business requesting your fingerprints be taken is required.

All non-Bountiful residents or employees of businesses outside of Bountiful, will be referred to the agency in which they reside or work. Please make sure you bring a recognized form of formal identification; Ex. state id card, driver license, or passport.  Also, be sure to have any applicable paperwork with you so an officer can determine what type of fingerprint card you need.

Scouting groups that wish to complete some of the requirements for their Fingerprint Merit Badge, may contact the Public Relations Officer, Corporal Joubert at 801-298-6047, to request information on what arrangements need to be made.